The company AQUA-CONTACT Praha, v.o.s. offers the following services in the field of wastewater and drinking water treatment.

  • Studies and designs of the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes
  • Reconstruction and intensification of existing WWTPs
  • Technological and economical optimisation of the operations of WWTPs
  • Design and optimisation of the WWTPs' control systems
  • Mathematical modeling and simulation of WWTPs (GPS-X)
  • Design and analysis of hydraulic systems (ARTS)
  • Studies and designs of water purification plants
  • Reconstruction and intensification of water purification plants
  • WWTP trials' and permanent runs' arrangement including analytical service
  • Wastewater and sludge sampling including transport
  • Chemical and microbiological analysis of wastewater in our accredited laboratory
  • Microscopic sludge analysis
  • Services associated with the construction of WWTPs and water purification plants - technical supervision of the investor


Mathematical modeling and simulations of biological activated sludge wastewater treatment processes are used to design new WWTPs and for intensification and optimisation of existing WWTPs' operation. For this purpose, the company uses one of the world's best software - GPS‑X, licence number 9-117-0399-391-01-E.

GPS-X is a product of the Canadian company Hydromantis, Inc. It enables flexible mathematical simulations of wastewater treatment biological systems in dynamic state. Nowadays, GPS‑X is considered to be one of the best products available on the world's market. Its advantage is universal application and flexibility enabling mathematical simulation of almost all biological wastewater treatment processes.


Flow scheme of WWTP's technological line is solved using the software for design and analysis of hydraulic systems called ARTS. This is a product of the Irish company Aquavarra Research, Ltd. and it is distributed by the Canadian company Hydromantis, Inc., licence number: 12 0008.

ARTS is developed specially for designing and calculation of hydraulics and pneumatic systems of wastewater treatment plants, water purification plants and distribution networks. ARTS allows for an exact design of hydraulic/pneumatic system and detailed calculations of individual technological steps.