About us

AQUA-CONTACT Praha, v.o.s. is a consultancy - engineering company that operates mostly upon the wastewater treatment and the drinking water treatment areas of the environmental engineering.

Our main area of business is design and optimisation of the municipal and the industrial wastewater treatment technologies. Also, our company owns an accredited analytical laboratory, which supplements our work. We happily serve our clients for more than 20 years.

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We cooperate not only with Civil Services and universities (e.g. Prague ICT or TUL in Liberec), but also with external experts from other special institutions.

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Our policy is identifying client's problems and suggesting the most practical solution using goal-directed strategy.


We have knowledgeable experts among us, who are members of the The Czech Water Association (see certificate).

Laboratory (no. 4095)

A part of the company is an accredited analytical laboratory with the ASLAB attest, laboratory number is 4095. The laboratory is specialized in chemical analysis necessary for project elaboration and for new technology development in the field of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment.

The laboratory has gained the "Laboratory correct operation certificate No 433" and it is qualifiable for sample analysis according to the Ministry of Environment Regulation No 123/2012 Sb. about fees for wastewater discharge into surface water, by which the Law No 254/2001 Sb. (water law) is implemented.