A part of the AQUA-CONTACT Praha, v.o.s. company is an accredited analytical laboratory with the ASLAB attest.

The laboratory has gained the so-called "Laboratory correct operation certificate No 433" and is qualified for sample analysis according to the Ministry of Environment Regulation No 123/2012 Sb. about fees for wastewater discharge into surface water, by which the law No 254/2001 Sb. (water law) is implemented. Laboratory workers are qualified for waste and surface water sampling according to the Czech standard ČSN ISO 25667 requirements.

Wastewater and surface water analyses

Chemical oxygen demand determinationCODCr
Biochemical oxygen demand determinationBOD
Ammonia determinationN–NH4+
Nitrate determinationN–NO3
Nitrite determinationN–NO2
Total nitrogen determinationNtotal
Phosphate determinationP–PO43–
Total phosphorus determinationPtotal
Suspended solids determinationSS
Ignition residue determinationIR
Dissolve substances determinationDS
Dissolve inorganic salts determinationDIS
pH value determinationpH
Acid neutralization capacity determinationpH 4,5 or 8,3
Basic neutralization capacity determinationpH 4,5 or 8,3
Sludge volume index determinationSVI
Temperature determinationT
Dissolved oxygen determinationO2
Heavy metals determination and other

We are able to arrange also other analysis from subcontractor laboratories on the client's demand.

PDFPrice list of individual analyses

Microscopic sludge analyses

Besides chemical analysis, the laboratory workers can also make microscopic sludge analysis.

A poster of activated sludge microorganisms overview has been created in collaboration with the AQUA-CONTACT Praha, v.o.s. company, the Department of Water and Environment Technology (Prague ICT) and the Association of Wastewater Treatment Experts.